Customized Golf Cart Battery with 5 Years Warranty

The power golf cart battery lithium battery system developed by the company is mainly composed of the lithium battery pack and the battery management system (BMS). It is also equipped with the 3.5-inch color monitoring LED touch screen and an Internet of Things (IoT) communication module. The lithium battery can be monitored and managed through PC and mobile phone clients.

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Cells Qty 23S2P
Cell Material LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage 72V DC Real51.2VDC
Nominal Capacity 100-105.0Ah 0.5C Standard chargeand discharge
Standard Charge Current 25.0A@25℃
Max Charge Current 100.0A
Voltage at end of Charge 84.0V
Voltage at end of Discharge 57.5V
Standard Discharge Current 25.0A @25℃
Max Continuous Discharge Current 350.0A@30s
AC Internal Resistance ≤30mΩ Between the positiveand negative poles of the discharge port
SOC Recommended Application Scope 5%~95%
Pack Size(L*W*H) 805*343*269mm Include fixed fleet
Net Weight 73kg without package
Shell Materia Plastic sprayed metal black
Waterproof IP Level IP67
Charging Safety Temperature -5-55℃
Discharging Safety Temperature -20-55℃
Cycle Life 5000cycles @DOD80%
Storage Temperature 20±5℃ -20~25℃12month
Storage Humidity 65±20%RH Recommendation












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