5MWH Energy Storage System 40Ft Container

Energy Storage Container(ESS), It is applied to industrial and commercial energy storage, distributed energy system, and microgrid system. The energy storage device, which integrates a lithium-ion battery system, energy conversion system, energy management system, monitoring system, temperature control system, and fire control system, can be customized according to customer requirements.

Product Features:

1. Standardized and modular design, with module sub-control, operation and maintenance parallel functions, flexible module configuration, to achieve battery group management, balanced charge, and discharge, self-dormancy working mode, improve system efficiency;

2. Intelligent management and protection, cell SOC calculation control method, prolong the battery life, improve the application of economic benefits;

3. Adopt high safety standard design, the whole system adopts high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, fireproof material design, with complete safety protection measures, to meet a variety of user environments.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Products Parameter:

Model High Power Long Duration
Application Frequency regulation​ Peak management​
Power(MW) 1 ​0.5
Energy[MWh](nominal@C/2 rate)​ 0.5 1
Battery Tray​ T5196 P1​ T51196 E1​
Fire Suppression​ HFC-23,FM -200,NOVEC-1230​
System Voltage [Vdc]​ 627.2~876​
Dimensions [W X H x D,mm] 6, 096 x 2,895 x 2,438 (20ft HC Container)​
Weight [t] (with battery)​ 16
Ambient Temperature​ -20~50C ​
Communication​ CAN 2.0 B,Modbus,TCP/IP


ESS Container:

System Block Diagram:

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