24V(25.6V) 200AH LiFePO4 Battery Pack

The VOLTAI- 25. 6V200Ah rechargeable lithium battery is optimized for low rate application which reqiures high energy density.

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Features of 24v 200ah lifepo4 battery:

  • 1. 200ah large capacity long battery life
  • 2. Battery with bms have Multiple protection
  • 3. Use a grade prismatic cells. More than 3000 cycle times
  • 4. Strictly control the production technology and pass diffence technical tests to ensure safer performance

Bms protects 24v 200ah lithium ion battery from:

  • 1. Over charge
  • 2. Over discharge
  • 3. Over temperature
  • 4. Over current
  • 5. Cell balancing
  • 6. short circuit protection

Product Size:


High quality aluminium magnesium alloy, anti-corrosion, substantial, durable, artistic, practical.  All in one mould design and production, easy to install. With longer span life LiFePO4 battery, over 12 years lifespan, ensure the whole set products’life span. Dustproof structure d esign, DC output, safe and reliable. Integrated packaging, safe and convenient to transport.

Technical Parameters:


Storage and Transportation:

1.Based on the character of cell, proper environment for transportation of LiFePO4 battery pack need to be created to protect the battery. 2.Battery should be kept at -20℃—45℃ in warehouse where it’s dry, clean and well-ventilated. During loading of battery, attention must be paid against dropping, turning over and serious stacking.

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