32700-3.2V6.0Ah Cylindrical Li-ion Battery Cell

Battery Assembly:

Individual cells should be integrated in a specific battery pack according to customers’ demands.The battery pack together with the electronic system provides performance, thermal and safety management.

Product Detail

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  1. turdy and pressure resistant steel envelope
  2. High capacity
  3. Excellent cycle life
  4. Excellent high and low temperature performance
  5. Steady output voltage
  6. Low self-discharge
  7. Double safety protection
  8. With outstanding high level of vibrations and shocks

Main Application:

  1. Electric two-wheeled vehicle, three-wheeled vehicle, four-wheeled low-speed vehicle
  2. UPS
  3. Storage energy


Item Condition/ Note Specification
Norminal Capacity 1C discharge capacity 6.0Ah
AC Impedance At AC 1000 Hz ≤8mS
Nominal Voltage   3.2V
Cell Size Cell Diameter 32.2±0.3 mmMax.32.5 mm
Cell Height 70.5+0.4/-0.3 mmMax. 70.9mm
Cell Weight (Light body battery) 140±5 g
End-of-charge Voltage CC Mode 3.65V
End-of-charge Current CV Mode ≤0.3A
Charging Method Standard Charging ≤1 C at CC/CV
End-of-discharge Voltage CC Mode 2.0V
ax continuous Discharging Current   18A
Max Pulse Discharging Current   60A
e Life 1 C/100% DOD ≥2000 cycles
ratingerature e Charging Temperature   0~60 °℃
Discharging Temperature   -20~ 60℃
Storage Temperature   -20~45°℃
Appearance Without break, scratch, distortion, contamination, leakage and so on



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