The difference between lithium battery and lead-acid battery

Today I will talk about the difference between lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries!

1. Main ingredients

The main components of lead-acid batteries are lead and acid. During use, a large amount of heavy metal lead and acid mixture will be produced. Improper storage will cause environmental pollution. The main components of lithium batteries are lithium and some other light metals. From the perspective of environmental protection, lithium batteries are even better.

2. Energy density

The energy density of lithium batteries is about 160WH/KG, and the energy density of lead-acid batteries is only 40WH/KG. If the battery compartment of the lead-acid battery of an electric tricycle is filled with lithium batteries, the cruising range will be doubled, while the weight is only 2/3 of the lead-acid battery.

3.  Lifespan comparison

Lithium batteries are beyond doubt in terms of power and battery life. Anyone who has used lead-acid batteries knows that the capacity of lead-acid batteries will be reduced by about half after one year of use, and the power and battery life will be greatly reduced. The average lifespan of lithium batteries is about three years, which is more durable.

4.  Price difference

The most important thing is that lithium batteries not only have good performance, but also the price is king.

5. Safety performance

However, no one is perfect, and nothing is perfect. The higher the energy density of lithium batteries, the lower the stability will be.

Post time: Feb-15-2023

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